Important information and update about One Piece TCG

Important information and update about One Piece TCG

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As you already know, the One Piece TCG cards are out, and they are incredible. They are so incredible that the products are unfortunately out of stock everywhere...

Currently (August 17, 2022), it is impossible for us to find OP-01 booster boxes or decks via the classic way : our suppliers (because they have been sold out).

However, we can get the boxes and some products through other ways, like buying back products from individuals.

The difficulty of this type of transaction is that these sellers offer prices much too expensive compared to the classic price.

That's why we make the choice not to put these products in stock on because we don't want to propose them at prices.

On the other hand, if despite this, you are interested in acquiring One Piece products, you can contact us via the contact form : we will look for the products for you and we will make you a proposal.

For the moment, we are waiting for a reprint but nothing has been officially announced. So we can't know if the OP-01 boxes will be printed and even less when.

For the OP-02, no announcement of pre-order opening or any other official announcement has been made and we are also waiting for that. Of course, we are watching the developments and will keep you informed.

From our experience, pre-orders are made at least 4 months before the release date for Digimon products (from the same publisher), which makes us think that we won't see OP-02 products before the end of the year or the beginning of next year. This is a personal feeling and not from official sources.

We offer One Piece single cards : OP-01 cards, promotional cards. You will be able to find them regularly because we put them in stock very often.

If some cards are not in stock, we can also propose you a personalized order so do not hesitate to contact us by email or by the contact form and we will make you our proposals.

We are at your disposal to answer your questions and research.

Article written by Manon

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