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The new TCG One Piece has arrived and here is all the information you need to know :

The new TCG One Piece has arrived and here is all the information you need to know :

One Piece cards are out and about in Japan in a new TCG !

This is a great novelty, after having several times collaborations, this time the One Piece license arrives with its own TCG, its own rules and its regular extensions.

First announced in March 2022, this TCG quickly won the hearts of fans with its beautiful illustrations that were revealed every day on the official Twitter account. 

The trading card game is published by Carddass, so if you know the TCG Digimon, you will quickly find your bearings with the TCG One Piece.

The products One Piece are here :

Official release :

yamato japanese one piece tcg card

One Piece products were released in Japan in July to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this iconic license. 

Illustrations :

The illustrations cards are heterogeneous because many illustrators are part of this new adventure. Even if, like Pokémon, the styles of the cards can be different from each other, the whole remains very harmonious and the cards splendid.

First extension "Romance DAWN "BT-01" :

one piece cards

The first extension is the BT-01 (which you can find here), and has a multitude of characters emblematic of the series: you will inevitably find your happiness !

The boxes include 24 boosters packs of 6 cards with a brilliant guarantee in each booster. We don't know yet if the next expansions will keep this format.

For the information, the name "romance dawn" refers to two stories written by Eiichiro Oda before the creation of "One Piece" as we know it, but set in a similar world.

Playing method :

tcg one piece japanese

Your deck will consist of 50 cards and a leader card. The color of your "leader" card in play will tell you which cards you can play.

The "don deck" cards will allow you to play "moves/attacks" like the energy cards in Pokémon which are necessary to attack.

To win a game, you will have to destroy all your opponent's HP and inflict an extra attack.


We offer the One Piece cards on our website and you can find the card list and the cards right here !


Article written by Manon

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