What is Gundam Arsenal Base?

What is Gundam Arsenal Base?

"Giant robots piloted by humans."

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This is a Japanese animation franchise that belongs to the "mecha" genre. This genre mixes the universe of giant robots and science fiction in a universe that is often very advanced from a scientific point of view.

Gundam started to be very successful in the 1980s in Japan and it is still the case today. About thirty series, movies, manga, video games and derivative products have been created over the years. For the publisher : Bandai Namco, it is the most profitable license of the franchise !

To understand the impact of Gundam in Japan, specialists define it as major for the animation sector and Japanese popular culture, regularly comparing Gundam to Star Wars for the West.

What is the game "Gundam Arsenal Base" ?

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It's a game on arcade terminals and present in many game centers. The players play with cards that they put on the machine and play the role of a commander who must direct 5 mobile suits and their 5 pilots in order to defeat the enemy ships.

The game is then a "real time strategy" type game played with cards (brilliant and really beautiful). A game in Japan costs minimum 200¥ and the player can decide to draw cards before and after his game (for 100¥ more per card drawn).

The Mobile Suits (robot / gundam) and pilots cards are placed on the terminal in dedicated boxes (control panel) so that the terminal reads the QR code and allows you to play your game with the characters on your cards. The pilots will be on top and their gundam will be below.

Understanding Gundam Arsenal Base cards :

The cards are classified into 4 categories : common, rare, master rare and perfect rare.
Pilots are divided into several types : Annihilation (attack priority), Suppression (mothership priority), Defense (base priority).
Giant robots (mobile Suits) also have their types : Short distance (easy in close combat), Long distance (allows to fight at a distance), Mobility (allows to move quickly).

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Summary :

Gundam Arsenal Base is a complicated game that requires real strategy. Apart from the terminal game, many collect the cards like a TCG and put them in a binder to showcase the most beautiful and rare cards. They are of very good quality and even the less rare ones have very nice illustrations and glosses.

At Cardotaku ?

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We filmed our test on the Gundam Arsenal Base : 

Article written by Manon.

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