Pokémon card and product collectors, you've probably seen the news over the last few days:
precious box collector pokemon

The precious collector box has been announced !

At Cardotaku, we are very excited to be able to offer you this wonderful product. We have put together for you, the information we can share with you right now.

What is it ?

This is a "more than premium" box, as it is defined as "precious" by Pokémon, and is designed to be very elaborate. It features the designs of the most popular cards in the Sword/Shield pack, such as the famous Shiny Vmax Charizard and the Crobat promo card. These designs will be present on the box or the storage folder.

What will the Precious collector box contain?

The box will contain a Pikachu promotional card that will only be available in this box.

There will also be storage accessories such as a frame to display a card, a binder, 1 storage box, 5 dividers and finally the shiny Pikachu 323/SP promo card.

When will the box be released?

Delivery is initially scheduled for late November, with possible delays in delivery from Pokémon.

Will the box be sold by Cardotaku ? 

YES ! Like all Pokémon premium boxes, we will be offering this product on the cardotaku.com website.

However, being dependent on the constraints imposed by the Pokémon Center and our suppliers, we cannot afford to offer this product in pre-orders. We will therefore have to wait for the release of the Precious collector box to stock up.

As for the previous collectors' products, we will restock them day after day in order to satisfy all our customers.

Find other collector's boxes here :


Thank you for reading and see you soon.


Article written by Manon.

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Bourgne hugo

Bourgne hugo

Bonjour , j’aimerai savoir si il est possible de précommander cette box ou de la réserver ? Merci beaucoup

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