About Mischievous Pichu : Pokémon promo card in Japan

About Mischievous Pichu : Pokémon promo card in Japan

Informations about this Pichu promo card :


Since May 25th, the Japanese clothing brand : Graniph has launched a new project. It's an official collection composed of clothes and other products (like cups or a bag).

Pre-orders have been opened since May 25th on the official website of Graniph and in other authorized stores. However, the number of items is limited to one per order and the promotional card isn't guaranteed.

By the way, let's go back to the Pichu promo card: "Mischievous Pichu". It's logically offered in orders made in Pokemon Center or Graniph but the principle in place is that of 1st come - 1st served. So they can't guarantee that the card will be in the order placed.

On the Cardotaku.com :

Because, the orders of articles being limited and without guarantee to have the promotional card (in Graniph shop), we preferred to look for a supplier for these cards in order to propose them on the store in quantity and especially at the best price.

Thus, collectors from all over the world, who didn't order on the Graniph website, will be able to find their happiness on our website : https://cardotaku.com/

We can't wait to offer you this great card from Pichu, which is very rarely offered as a promo card :)


Article written by Manon.

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