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There are a lot of products to collect and we can't offer everything on Cardotaku.com.
You can contact us directly with your desires!

How does it works?

1. Send us your research by email: all Japanese collectibles are accepted (outside of pre-orders)

2. Cardotaku's team will help you to complete your collection by searching the products for you :)

3. Enjoy with your new products !

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Some examples of orders made on demand

Find examples of orders on request. The products requested are very different so don't hesitate to explain us your research. and we will always answer you :)

Exemple : Saharath's order

Here is the PSA 10 card ordered for a customer! After a few exchanges by emails and the payment of the invoice, Shanks' card PSA10 is ready to take off to join his new crew!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for graded cards.

Exemple : Marie's order

On the occasion of a promotional collaboration, the Graniph brand has released products (t-shirt, cups, bag...).

Although we don't propose them on Cardotaku.com, our customer asked us for a personalized order for several articles. You see, we can answer your search for products available in Japan.

Exemple : Nura's order

Nura contacted us by email to ask us to help him complete his collection of One Piece cards. Indeed, we do not have everything available on our site.

We sent him a form to fill with his research. Our team then proceeded to the research and the quote. Once the customer validates his choices, we proceed to the purchase and shipping.

A new world of possibilities...


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