Careful packaging - For collectors, by collectors

We attach great importance to the care taken in the packaging of your orders.
Each order is unique, each of them is treated with special attention.
Here are some non-exhaustive examples of how your products can be packaged.

Example of expensive single card packaging


First, your card is carefully inserted into a sleeve (most of the sleeves used are KMC and Yanoman brand).

Top loader

Then it is then placed in a top loader (often from Yanoman).

Cardboard and team bag

All protected between 2 rigid plates of compact cardboard placed in a team bag.

Point #1: Your package is easily and quickly opened. You don't need any sharp tools or force to be able to pull out the card without worrying about damaging it.
Point #2: The team bag is also used to keep cards safe from water that would have been neglected by a carrier.

Rigid envelope

The package can then take place in a rigid envelope and be shipped safely around the world.

Expensive booster pack

Protect your collection

We also offer for sale the protections we use for your orders.
Do not hesitate to take a quick look at the different products that will be useful to you to protect, store and display your cards and boosters.

Example of multiple cards packing

Example of box / boxes packing

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