What's Duel Masters?

What's Duel Masters?

Duel Masters is a very popular card game and new card expansions, Japanese TV cartoons and merchandising are released on a regular basis. At Cardotaku, we carry almost every box of cards and decks that comes out, and if some are no longer available, we can always find them by custom order.




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Duel Masters is a Trading Card Game published by Wizard of the Coast.

Compared with other licenses such as Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Cardfight! Vanguard, Duel Masters is easier to learn, as the mechanics are straightforward and don't require tokens, dice or a point-counting system.


Duel Masters is therefore suitable for beginners and younger players alike, thanks to its more intuitive gameplay and attractive designs.

It can also be recommended as an initiation to understand the mechanics before starting to play or collect Magic.


Both players must have at least 40 cards in their deck. They place their shields in front of them (5 cards face-down) and draw 5 cards from their deck to form their hand.
The aim of the game is to first destroy the opponent's 5 shields, then inflict a decisive blow on the opponent to win the game.


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Duel Masters is primarily based on these creatures and characters, which you can collect and find in several expansions over time.
At present, Duel Masters is only published in Japanese, so collectors will need to collect in that language. You can find our products here.

Promotional cards are plentiful and feature original designs that are different from what can be found in the expansions 🙂


Duel Master is a flagship license in Japan with a place in popular culture. Many collectors around the world follow the evolution and releases of this license.

We'd like to thank you for reading this and look forward to hearing from you if you're looking for single cards or products not yet (or no longer) available.


Article written by Manon

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