Sandaconda V / Celebi V promo cards

Sandaconda V / Celebi V promo cards

- If I buy a box of Silver Lance or Jet-Black Poltergeist from your store, will I get the Sandaconda V 174/S-P or Celebi V 175/S-P promo card?

- No. The exact promotion is the Sandaconda V promo card for the purchase of 2 boxes Silver Lance and / or the Celebi V promo card for the purchase of 2 boxes Jet-Black Poltergeist on the listed shops on the official POKÉMON CARD GAME home page.

You can read the promotion page here and translate it with a translator https://www.pokemon-card.com/info/2021/20210402_002856.html and the partner shop list is here https://www.pokemon-card.com/info/2000/20000402_002859.html

I inform you that we are a buy-resale store, and that we will buy and sell the promotional cards as usual later after release.

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