Lost Abyss (S11) : New Pokémon cards extension in japanese !

Lost Abyss (S11) : New Pokémon cards extension in japanese !

The next Pokémon cards expansion will be released on Friday, July 15, 2022 in Japan. We can't wait to see the expansion in real life at Cardotaku and bring it to you.

The set is inspired by the Pokémon Arceus game, like some previous expansions.

About the expansion :

lost abyss s11 pokemon japanese cards

The set will contain 100 cards and a slew of secrets but, as usual, we don't know the exact number yet.
At the time of writing, no visuals of the secret cards have been released, but the card list has just been announced !
Giratine is the big star of this expansion : we can only imagine a nice full art of this Pokémon or a Rainbow card, let's keep our fingers crossed that it will come true :)

About the display :

The box will correspond to the "classic" format : that is, it will include 30 boosters of 5 cards ! 

The other products :

Two decks will be released the same day as the expansion and will feature in two separate decks: Zeraora and Deoxys, both in Vmax and Vstar form.

pokemon cartes japonaises lost abyss

Cardotaku's proposal :

We are going to, like all the Japanese Pokémon cards releases, propose you the products on our website Cardotaku.com, you will be able to find there the displays, the decks and the cards by unit.

Restocks will be set up very regularly in order to satisfy all our customers.

Go to the products page to discover the different products, activate the restock alert and don't miss the sale of the products (you will also find the card list).

See you soon, between enthusiasts, on Cardotaku.com

Article written by Manon

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