Z/X Zillions of enemy X, what is it?

Z/X Zillions of enemy X, what is it?

Z/X Zillions of enemy X is a collectible card game created in 2012 (since 10 years) by the publishers, Broccoli & Nippon Ichi Software. The Z/X card game is divided into several saga.

The universe :

In a very near future, the Earth is invaded by fantastic creatures that come out of 5 black holes. These are portals connecting different parallel worlds and having an impact on the fate of the Earth. They are called "Black Points" and are futures of the earth in parallel worlds and different time axes.

The objective of these creatures is to take control of their future (that of their species) by carrying out a mass destruction of the other "Black Points" and thus to preserve only one future : unique and singular.

The female and male characters have no other solution than to adapt and fight. To get out of this situation, they use a Z/X card reader to summon fantastic creatures and monsters.

The cards : 

z/x cards japanese

New Z/X card extensions are released regularly and have been for 10 years!
The products are grouped in several formats:

  • The decks : they allow you to start with all the cards you need to play or discover the universe. There is a list of cards on the back of the product (exemple)
  • Displays : these are classic boxes that come out about every 4 months. A box generally contains 10 boosters of 7 cards. (exemple)
  • The "extra pack" : these are boxes with additional content, the number of boosters and cards inside varies. (exemple)


The promotional cards :

z x cards japan


They are available in books, events and other occasions for a limited time.

Find an unpacking of Z/X cards made by one of our customers, you can discover the cards, the format and the types of rarity and gloss.


What do the cards look like?

To discover the cards, here is an opening of an old display made by one of our customers : 

 Video by @BitterHyena


To discover the available Japanese Z/X cards, go here !

Thank you very much for reading, we hope to have taught you a little more about this license : Z/X Zillions of enemy X !


Article written by Manon


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