Our participation in the "Jump Victory Carnival" at Tokyo!

Our participation in the "Jump Victory Carnival" at Tokyo!

Do you know the "Jump Victory Carnival" ?

No need to introduce Weekly Shōnen Jump (週刊少年ジャンプ), the weekly manga pre-publication magazine in Japan that has been offering new chapters and new Shonen licenses every Monday since 1968.

But do you know the "Jump Victory Carnival" ?! It's an annual event (which comes back after an absence due to Covid) and which takes place in the huge Makuhari Messe Hall, just outside Tokyo, in Chiba on next July 17.

jump victory carnival japan 2022

To participate in this event, you had to register from June 13 and hope to be drawn. Indeed, only 8000 places were available this year. 

At Cardotaku we're great enthusiasts, that's why we decided to try our luck to participate in this beautiful event that Jean-Baptiste, the creator of Cardotaku, had the chance to see a first time in 2019.

Thanks to a nice dose of luck, we were drawn and got our tickets to this year's "Jump Victory Carnival" : so, we're going at Tokyo next week-end !

This morning, we finalized our business trip : the hotel is booked, the plane too and the team is mobilized! Of course, we will share the beauty of this event with you on our social networks


jump victory carnival tokyo 2022

Concerning the event, all the information isn't revealed in advance in order to keep the maximum of suspense but we will find Luffy from One Piece (as well as information about Red, the next movie), Goku from Dragon Ball, Midoriya from My Hero Academia as well as characters from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Quest, Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer, as we can see on the promotional poster of the Jump Victory Carnival 2022 event.



Digimon should also be present with the first playable demo of the game "Digimon Survive" which will be released on July 28 in Japan (and July 29 in the rest of the world). Those who try the demo will receive a random badge out of eight and will also receive a set of 3 Digimon Survive postcards.

We hope to discover booths about Japanese cards like Z/X, Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Yu-Gi-OH! and many others :)

Discover the video made by Jean-Baptiste during the "Jump Victory Carnival" of 2019 :


Video of Cardotaku 

We can't wait to go to the event and share it with you on our social networks : Instagram and Youtube especially ! Don't hesitate to subscribe so you don't miss anything.

Article written by Manon





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