Share on X(Twitter), Get Rewarded!New ONE PIECE CARD Promo

Share on X(Twitter), Get Rewarded!New ONE PIECE CARD  Promo

 Today, Wednesday, March 6, 2024, we are launching the「Share on X, Get Rewarded: New ONE PIECE CARD Product Promo」campaign to celebrate the sale of the new ONE PIECE CARD product.

Buy an eligible product and post it on X (formerly Twitter) and five winners will be drawn to receive a coupon and points!


 ⚫︎How to Participate in the Campaign
1. Purchase the campaign product ONE PIECE CARD GAME Booster Pack 「500 Years in the Future」

2. Share a photo of your purchased card with the hashta「#cardotaku」on X


⚫︎Present Contents
Free Shipping Coupon & 500pt
5 winners will be selected by drawing!


・Those drawn will be contacted via DM on X. Please make sure to remove your DM restrictions so that we can contact you.
・If we do not hear from you for 3 days after contacting you for the lottery, the lottery right will be forcibly transferred to someone else.
・Coupon is valid for 10 days after coupon is obtained.
・Coupon can only be used once per person.
・Coupon is valid for orders of 10,000 yen or more.
・If you forgot your coupon code, please contact us


⚫︎Campaign period
March 6 - March 20 (participation period)
March 21-(period for winning & coupons and points)

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