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Request for early mailing of Christmas mail

Request for early mailing of Christmas mail

Every year, we announce the deadlines for sending Christmas mail, including cards, to be delivered by Christmas Day. The deadlines are announced in early December for airmail and late October for surface mail. However, our acceptance of some international mail items has been temporarily suspended, and due to insufficient transportation capacity, delivery delays have been experienced for mail destined to countries and territories that have continued to accept inbound mail. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you send your Christmas mail earlier than usual this year as well.

We also wish to ask for your understanding that, as the situation in Japan and abroad continues to evolve, there is a possibility that mail may not be delivered by Christmas. Timely delivery by Christmas will depend on the specific situation in each destination country and territory, and the available means of transport.

Furthermore, when you send items to the U.S and European countries and territories by EMS, parcel-post and small packets, please use our International Mail My Page Service to transmit Electronic Advance Data (EAD). Additionally, when you send items to EU countries, we strongly recommend that you transmit HS Codes. For more information, please check here.

If you send books and calendars to Germany, please check the important points to note by clicking here.

Please note that there is a risk that international mail items without or with insufficient/inaccurate EAD may be delayed or returned to the sender by the destination country and territory.

For details on the current status concerning the acceptance of mail items destined to countries and territories worldwide and for information about delivery delays, please check here.

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