Pokémon Go extension: S10b (products & informations)

Pokémon Go extension: S10b (products & informations)
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The next Pokémon expansion will be released on Friday, June 17, 2022 and it's going to be a big one ! At Cardotaku, we are very excited to discover, and offer you, these new products and cards from this collection.

About the extension :

It will contain 71 cards and for the moment the total number of secrets has not been announced yet (although some visuals have already been revealed). 

About the displays : 

A display / box will include 20 boosters and each booster will have 6 cards inside. Among them, there will be 2 parallel cards (or reverse) including an energy and another card (Pokémon or Trainer).

There will be a card in each booster with a code that can be used in the Pokémon Go game.

About the promotional boosters :

S10b pokemon go cards


Promo boosters have been announced to accompany the release of this new expansion. Pokémon has specified that, as for the S4 expansion or the 25 years promo boosters, the distribution will be done according to the available stocks (= no reissue of the promotional boosters in the future).

These boosters will contain 1 promotional card among the 7 available cards.



About the extension :

ditto pokemon go cards s10b

For this expansion, Pokémon offers us a very original concept: To find Ditto in the Pokémon GO expansion, you'll have to look for the little distinctive sign on the other cards.
Once found, you can take off to reveal the Transformed Pokémon below !

The purpose of Cardotaku.com :

Pre-orders for displays, special set and the cards file set will be offered in the coming days (to avoid missing the online release, go here and activate the restock alert).

As usual, many restocks will arrive over the days and weeks to satisfy all our customers.

Mewtwo pokemon cards s10b pokemon go

Conclusion :

Are you as hyped as we are about this new extension? To discover the product sheets, activate the restock alert and see the card list being displayed as you go along, go here ;)


Article written by Manon.

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