Paradigm Trigger (S12): New Pokémon cards extension in japanese !

Paradigm Trigger (S12): New Pokémon cards extension in japanese !

The upcoming Japanese set, S12 Paradigm Trigger, has been revealed and looks amazing to us. The first reason is that the "star" Pokemon of the expansion is Lugia. A Pokemon that our team is particularly loved at Cardotaku.

Context of the extension:

pokemon tcg japanese s12 paradigm trigger

I his will be the penultimate extension of the "sword and shield" block and especially the last "main" display (the last Japanese Sword & Shield set will be S12a High Class Pack VSTAR Universe ). This set will include Lugia V and VSTAR, as well as Regidraco V / VSTAR, Regieleki V / VMAX and Unown V / VSTAR.

Release date and content:

The release date is scheduled for October 21st and as usual, we will receive them on October 20th in Cardotaku's office and will prepare and ship all the pre-orders so that they reach you as soon as possible.

The expansion will include 98 cards and secrets (the number is not yet known). The box will include 30 boosters of 5 cards.

Pre-orders at Cardotaku:

As always, pre-orders for the Pokemon S12 "Paradigm Trigger" displays will be available about a week before the release date. We only release Pokemon products when we have confirmation of stock so we never cancel orders.

Free promotional boosters campaign:

A FREE gift campaign has been announced and will of course be implemented at Cardotaku.

It is announced that for one display purchased (box of 30 boosters), 1 pack of promotional cards will be offered (offer cumulative for each box purchased). This pack of promo cards contains one card chosen at random among five different cards.

The campaign will start as soon as we have the products on October 20, 2022 and will end as soon as the stocks of promotional boosters are exhausted.

pokemon paradigm trigger S12

NB: We will probably buy promotional boosters from our suppliers. Please note that ALL the boosters we get for free will be given away and all the boosters we buy will be sold on our site by the unit. 

You can activate the restock alert here so that you don't miss out on any of the new boxes!

Other associated product:

mystery box pokemon s12 paradigm trigger

A mystery box will be released the same day and will contain a Deck box and a Deck Sleeves (random among 4 different ones), a Promo card, a Card box and 7 boosters packs of Expansion pack "Paradigm Trigger. 

You can find the product sheet here.


Thank you for your reading and your interest. We remain at your disposal.

Article written by Manon.


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