How much does a Japanese Pokémon card booster cost in Japan?

How much does a Japanese Pokémon card booster cost in Japan?

There is not one type of Japanese booster in Japan, but 4.

Expansion Pack

The Expansion Pack booster is the most classic that can be found in almost all collections.
It comes in a box of 30 booster packs, contains 5 cards and is sold for 165 yen each.

Enhanced Expansion Pack

The Enhanced Expansion Pack booster became one from the Sword & Shield generation, a booster containing 7 cards and is sold for 253 yen in a box of 20 booster pack.

High Class Pack

The High Class Pack booster is the cream of the booster.
It contains 10 cards including a brilliant guarantee.
It is sold in boxes of 10 booster packs and comes out once a year, usually in October, November at a price of 550 yen per booster.
Unlike other collections, cards can have several different versions. The normal version, a foil (holo) version, and a version with prisms, or other halo effects.

Movie Special Pack

The Movie Special Pack is rather rare. We can for example cite the collection that was made for the release of the film Detective Pikachu.
The boosters in this collection contain 4 cards and are sold for 220 yen in a booster box of 20 booster pack.

The prices shown are the unit booster prices. The boxes cost proportionately the same as if the booster were purchased individually.
If a booster costs 165 yen each and you buy a box of 30, then it comes back to you at 4,950 yen.

Please note that for a very long time we were selling Pokémon card boxes and booster packs at the prices listed above, but unfortunately this is no longer the case now for a simple reason of too much demand and rising prices. prices charged by suppliers directly impacting ours.
We remain optimistic that the situation will return to normal in the future.

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