Hello and happy new year,

This news relates only to shipments by Post. FedEx shipments work fine.

As you already know, each year the delivery times during the months of November and December are longer than usual.
Indeed, the post office has a lot of mail to sort due to Black Friday and Christmas shopping around the world.

This year is special because in addition to the year-end period, there are also problems with delivery times due to the covid-19. This further extends the delivery time.

Also, you know that the mail is sent in the hold of planes carrying travelers, such as business travelers, tourists etc.

Planes circulate much less, mail is sent little by little depending on the space available in the few flying planes.

Finally, Japan closed its border from December 26 until the end of February.

If you want to keep track of the shipping information, I will once again give you the shipping from Japan pages.

Don't worry if your package stays in osaka for a while on tracking

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