Pre-orders for the "ONE PIECE PREMIUM CARD COLLECTION 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION" took place today and here is the summary:

- Unlike other Asian countries (like Hong Kong or Singapore for example), there are no official suppliers for this product.
- Cardotaku (and other stores) are exceptionally served as individuals and we can not buy on stock.
- For stores like Cardotaku (and all other people), the items were limited to two per customer which, you will agree, is too low to expect a strong decrease of the market prices.
- We don't know yet the selling price at which we will offer the products because we will have to buy some ourselves when they are released.
- By the way, the release date of the products is planned from January and will be released in waves for several months.
- We will propose this product in particular in personalized order, although it is possible that we also propose it on our site by the classic voice.

In summary, despite the sale that took place today, the proposed stocks are still too low to announce a real price drop of the products: to know it, we will have to be patient and wait for January to discover the market evolution.

NB : Cardotaku will not propose any pre-order on this product.

We hope to have answered your questions and to have helped you. We remain at your disposal and thank you for your reading.

Article written by Manon

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