As you probably know by now, a lot of Eevee Heroes sellers cancel their customers' pre-orders because they themselves had their stock orders canceled from their suppliers.

I also see tweet from physical stores mentioning raffle sales.
Usually in Japan, when a product is in high demand, people line up before a store opens to buy a product.

I think these 2 points do not bode well for the future regarding the stock that will be available on Cardotaku.

As you had also read, I wrote in the product description that it was very likely that I could cancel your pre-orders. Because even days before the pre-orders opened on Cardotaku, I had anticipated the amount of requests there was going to be compared to the number of messages I was getting from all sides.
So far I still have them the requested stock on release day for preorders, but this time I thought to myself that maybe it was going to be difficult to have all the requested stock.
In fact, I had left the pre-orders open for only 4 hours of time on the store before I closed them permanently.
The closer the days get to the release date of the cards, the more there is no doubt that many of you will have your pre-orders canceled. Do not worry, you will be fully reimbursed and I will bear the costs since the decision does not come from you or me.
So I stopped selling pre-order products since February and will continue for several months. So there is no point in trying to contact me to ask me about the July releases for example, S7D boxes & S7R. The products are online for reference only, but I have never opened pre-orders on these products and I will not open them. So no, you didn't miss the pre-orders on future releases in July. I will sell the boxes right out of the box when I receive the stock at the office.
Yes because now we can no longer choose how much stock we get.

I wrote this post to get ahead of the game to warn you once again that at the end of May early June, I may cancel your pre-orders depending on the stock that will have been provided to me by my suppliers.
This is the first and last time such a situation will occur.

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Thanks so much for being honest and letting us know the issues. Of course, I would ideally like to receive the items as ordered, but could I suggest that if you find that you have to cancel these orders, could I ask that we have priority for the Eevee Heroes Eevee set if you can secure them, or perhaps the Japan Post stamp and promo set ? Thank you.

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